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Idaho's Salmon River

The Salmon River is the paradigm of pristine wilderness and a bastion America's wild places.  "The River of No Return" is a term that has long been associated with the roadless section of the Salmon River between the towns of Salmon and Riggins. In this area, the Salmon River flows through a canyon that is five thousand feet deep and nearly two hundred miles long. Flowing freely as one of the last undammed mountain rivers on the continent, it courses untamed through the largest wilderness in the lower 48 states.   The Salmon is simultaneously one of a kind and one of the last of its kind. Draining the central mountains of Idaho, its water flows rival that of the Colorado River as it cuts through a gorge deeper than the Grand Canyon, untouched by civilization through pristine wilderness.  Its remote setting serves up the bounty of wildlife from Bighorn sheep to elk and deer to black bear and bald eagles and other species that calls the canyon country of central Idaho home.

A trip on the Salmon is defined by exhilarating, giant rollercoaster rapids and wave trains punctuated by deep green pools and roiling pillows, massive white sand beaches, long, warm days, cool nights and perfect temperatures for swimming and goofing off in the water.  The Salmon offers a unique variety of options for white water runners of all interest and comfort levels from those seeking white knuckle, high adventure and excitement to those just looking to get their feet wet for the first time in a mellow, fun environment.  The Salmon serves as the perfect opportunity to try rowing a raft, paddling an inflatable kayak or stand up paddle boarding for the first time.

Along the way, creature comforts abound with natural hot springs for soaking, deep pools for swimming and splashing as well as perhaps the best river beach camping on any river anywhere. 

The Salmon River's history runs deep and is filled with colorful characters and wild tales that will keep your guides busy telling stories as you pass through its reaches.  Settled over generations by rugged and era-defining men and women, the area abounds with the kind of culture and heritage that made the west famous.

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